About us

Rudra Industries produces Vitirified Step & Riser with

100+ designs and various sizes.

Space can become a symbol of comfort when RUDRA INDUSTRIES provides new ideas for decorating your home. With special formate like 1200 x 300mm, 1000 x 300mm, 900 x 300mm in Vitrified Step & Riser which seem to enlarge available space and enhance the concepts of living quality.

We will continue to evolve by the new innovative designs with the latest technology and a diversely skilled team. We are committed to producing all our products in accordance with international and national standards of India.

RUDRA INDUSTRIES is in a leading position in the market due to its pricing strategy and persistence in quality.

RUDRA INDUSTRIES is committed to quality and is awarded the AN ISO 9001:2008 quality system certificate. To satisfy the needs of the market, we have imported the latest technology ceramic production equipment from Italy and Germany.

Our Mission

True success for a product, comes when it is identified as a brand in the market. Rudra Step Riser is the top brand for many and we aspire to become one of the most favorite brands in the market through the new innovation and dedication.

Our Vision

We believe in producing premium quality tiles with a diversely skilled team to design and manufacture hence, the company has maintained the record to be a leading tiles company in the competitive market for many years.

Core Value
  • Quality in everything we do.
  • Continuous improvements, innovations and embrace change
  • Team work and open communication.
  • To create a productive and rewarding safety work environment.

What Our Happy Clients say

We are the leading Supplier & Exporter of Border Tiles, Step Riser, Rangoli Floor Tiles to Mizoram, West Bengal, Tripura, Jammu Kashmir, UP, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, India.
Each step is composed of tread and riser. The part of the beautiful stairway that is stepped on. It is constructed with the same specifications (thickness) as any other flooring. The tread "depth" is measured from the outer edge of the step to the vertical "riser".
The company has the best production facilities in the world with a huge capacity, a talented team, the latest equipment, and machinery.

Rudra Step & Riser believes that to create quality products.

So if you need quality product with innovation in design and technology, Rudra Step & Riser will the right option for you.